As of December 31st, 2023 ThreadFix 2.X has reached End of Life and is no longer supported. For any further information please contact the Success and Implementation team.

Global FPR Filter Template

Setting Application Filter Template (Fortify SSC)

Applications in Fortify can have filter templates that apply on an application level.

From Fortify SSC, go to the Applications tab:

Select the application and version to get the template. In the above example, the application is Rebecca_Black and the version is GetDown.

From the Audit tab, click on the blue pencil icon next to the Version drop down near the application name.

From the Template tab of the new dialogue, you can select the template(s) to be used for the application.


Getting Application Filter Template (Fortify SSC)

From the Administration tab in Fortify SSC, click on Issue Templates in the Templates section of the left sidebar.

You can now select the template you want and use the Download Template button to download the filter template.


Setting the Global FPR Filter Template (ThreadFix)

If there is a global filter template set in ThreadFix, it will take precedence over an application-specific filter template.

The global filter template can be set through the Upload Global FPR Filter Set Override API endpoint:

In order to set the global FPR filter template, a valid File Upload Location must be set in System Settings -> Scan File Settings -> File Upload Location.

Once a valid File Upload Location is saved in System Settings, you may submit the POST request to set the global FPR filter template. It will be stored in the FprFilterSet subdirectory within the File Upload Location directory.

For more info on the File Upload Location and the use of scan file retention policies, refer to the following: Scan File Settings |
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